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Your Path to Becoming a Licensed Private Investigator

Embark on an exciting journey to become a licensed private investigator through our comprehensive in-person or online training program. Before applying for a license, all aspiring security professionals are required to complete a basic training course and pass the ministry test.

Your Path to Becoming a Licensed Private Investigator



Course Length:
Our private investigator basic training course spans a minimum of 50 hours.


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In Person:
Enrolment second
Monday of each month

Private investigator doing surveillance

Course Content:
The primary objective of our basic training program is to ensure that all security guards and private investigators in the province possess the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out their duties professionally, effectively, safely, and in compliance with the law. Please refer to the training syllabus for private investigators for detailed information.

Training Completion Number:
Upon successful completion of the basic training course, you will receive a training completion number from your training provider. This number is essential for registering for the ministry test.

Course Outline:

Our training program covers the following key areas to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career in the private investigation industry:

Section 1: Introduction to the Private Investigation Industry

Section 2: 
The Private Security and Investigative Services Act 

Section 3: Provincial and Federal Statutes 

Section 4: Criminal and Civil Law

Section5: Investigative Techniques 

Section 6: Principles of Ethical Reasoning/Decision-making 

Section 7: Key Principles of Communication and Interaction Section

Section 8: Self-Management Skills

Training Certificate:
Our training providers are committed to providing students with a comprehensive training certificate upon successful completion of the program. The training certificate includes the following information:

Student Name

    Signature of Training Provider Representative

    Training Provider Name

      Type of Training Completed (Security Guard, Private Investigator, or Both)

        Date of Training Completion

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        Second Monday each month
        Minimum number of people to run a class is 10 . Looking to book. this course as a group of 10 or more? Contact us.

        *Private certification available please enquire.