It’s almost impossible to ensure the safety of your employees, guests and assets if you have no way to control who enters and exits your property.


As a trusted access control company, Cancom Security Systems can provide a full range of products and solutions to keep tabs on who comes into your offices and facilities. We offer hosted and managed access control solutions that include Keyscan and Kantech systems, recognized as some of the best in the industry.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Thanks to our familiarity and expertise with the entire spectrum of access control systems, we can develop a plan that fits perfectly into your properties’ needs. Our solutions include:

Door locks outfitted with magnetic card readers ensure only personnel with the right level of access can enter specific areas. Cloud-based systems make it possible to update or restrict privileges at any time and from anywhere.

Whether they use fingerprints, facial scans or retinal scanning, these systems offer some of the highest levels of security because the credentials are virtually impossible to copy.

Mobile credentials:
Utilizing near field communication, this technology can transform a person’s smartphone into his or her key into the building. This reduces the number of items he or she needs to carry and offers greater convenience.

These systems can be merged with video surveillance and internal HR databases to ensure all the bases are covered.

How Access Control Systems Could Benefit Your Enterprise

With an access control security system in place, properties or businesses of any type and size can take advantage of numerous advantages, such as:

Peace of mind:
Your team and visitors can feel safer knowing that only authorized people are being allowed into the building.

These solutions eliminate the need for physical locks with keys that require strict management.

This technology enables you to keep records of who goes where and when.

Kiosks: Guests use self-guided interfaces to check in and out, streamlining the process and keeping administrative costs down for the property owner.

Why Choose Cancom Systems?

When you choose to work with us, you can count on getting a comprehensive answer to your security needs. Our experts will perform a full assessment of your facilities and develop a customized plan that leaves no gaps in your protection. Our status as a First Nations owned enterprise and our commitment to Total Quality Service also elevate us above other firms across the country.

If you would like to learn more about access control or anything else we can do for you.