Our CCTV systems help you have an extra set of eyes on your property is necessary to help keep people and assets safe.

Homeowners, businesses and institutions need to be sure that someone is looking out for them every moment of every day, so they can go about their daily routines with confidence.

This is why so many choose Cancom Security as their CCTV system solution. Our expertise includes comprehensive knowledge of CCTV security solutions and how best to deploy them for maximum effectiveness. With our experts installing and monitoring cameras around your home or office, you can rest easier knowing you have a watchful eye scanning for threats.


CCTV solutions involve placing video cameras in strategic locations outside and/or inside a building. 

These relay live images or still photos to dedicated monitors where trained personnel can watch for any signs of suspicious activity. In many cases, they also record what they see so footage can be reviewed after an incident.

This technology has been in use for many years, and for good reason. The mere presence of cameras in prominent spots has been known to make criminals think twice before attempting to break in, commit vandalism or attempt other crimes. Being able to see what is happening live also gives security guards or property owners the opportunity to alert law enforcement while a crime is in progress, rather than finding out well after the fact. Recordings of crimes in progress also provide crucial evidence in criminal investigations as well as for prosecution.


We stand apart from other CCTV installation companies for several reasons. First and foremost is our dedication to providing our clients with satisfactory security solutions.

We do more than place cameras around your home or commercial property — we perform a comprehensive assessment of your security needs and develop a customized plan that addresses them all.

We’re also unique among CCTV monitoring companies because of our status as a First Nations owned enterprise. Our internal culture is built around the idea of providing Total Quality Service throughout every aspect of what we do. We are home to elite professionals with expertise in security systems, military engineering design, policing and loss prevention. These are the qualities that have earned us a solid reputation and made us the industry leaders since our inception in 2008.

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