Our home security systems go beyond expectations and can supply integrated and technology-driven solutions to any homeowner. Having reliable defence to protect loved ones, property, proprietary information or tenants is made straightforward with our team of experts on your side.

Home Security Systems
Protection starts with hardware. Cancom Systems can enhance a current setup or provide a state-of-the-art security system. We offer a tailored strategy involving cameras, residential security guards, surveillance personnel and other means to best fit your requirements. For systems already in place, we will make the switch seamless and affordable with no disruption of services.
Alarm Response
Cancom Security provides an immediate, 24 hour a day response to your home with experienced and trained security operators. We know every second counts in responding to your home alarm system and a Cancom security guard physically goes to your home to ensure you and your family are truly safe.
Video Verification
Our state-of-the-art video verification systems allows our clients, and team to monitor property. This technology provides us with vital intelligence for our field operatives, our clients and local authorities who respond only to alarms accompanied by video verification. This intelligence helps us to adjust your custom-tailored security strategy if necessary.
Neighborhood Surveillance
Cancom Security maintains a dedicated mobile fleet in Toronto and Ottawa neighborhoods, providing a high profile, round the clock security presence. Our electric, environmentally friendly vehicles circulate throughout your neighborhoods watching for suspicious activity and ensuring a quick response when needed.
Your Personal Lawn Sign
Cancom Security can either provide you with a brand-new security system or work with your existing provider to enhance your current system. We will work with you to develop a custom-tailored strategy for your unique circumstances. The switch to, or addition of, Cancom Security services is affordable and seamless, with no disruption of services.
Vacation Checks
Cancom Security provides security patrol checks for homeowners and families while they are away. The video monitoring, and physical patrol of your premises allows us to confirm everything is in order or quickly address any issues.
Certified Executive Protection – IDF / British SAS
Cancom Security has adopted the certified protection programs used by the elite Israel Defense Force and the United Kingdom British SAS Special Forces. These practices are generally recognized as being amongst the best in the world. Our training is provided by world class instructors who served in the Israel Defense Force and British close protection units.
First Responders
Cancom Security operatives are certified as first responders in automated external defibrillators, First Aid, and city-wide communications equipment. They are trained and certified as first responders by St Johns Ambulance, Red Cross and Rescue 7 Inc. Our instructors are former paramedics who prepare our frontline certified protection operatives to manage medical emergencies as they are often the first to arrive on scene. Our highly trained first responders manage the scene, provide emergency assistance to anyone needing it prior to paramedics’ arrival and transportation to medical facilities if needed.
Cancom Security’s state of the art technology complements frontline operatives in all areas including patrol services, alarm response, and communications with clientele, homeowners, police, fire and ambulance, monitoring station, dispatch centre and technical support.
Cottage Security
Cancom Security provides alarm installation, monitoring and response services for our clients in the Muskoka’s, Bruce Peninsula and Sauble Beach regions.
Body Cameras
Unlike other security companies, all Cancom’s mobile security operatives carry body cameras, an extra layer of technology in keeping our operatives safe as well as documenting evidence that can be shared with relevant authorities should the need arise.