Loss Prevention

Retailers and shopping center owners know how much impact theft and shoplifting can have on their bottom line.

Having Cancom Security provide your stores with loss prevention uniformed security guards can protect your profitability and ultimately your long-term prospects for success.

Our highly trained and experienced personnel can be on the lookout for and stop all kinds of theft — whether the threat comes from customers, employees or along the supply chain. We are your ultimate resource for retail security solutions that provide peace of mind throughout Canada. Our retail security services include numerous capabilities aimed at preventing shrinkage.

Some examples of what we can do for your store include:

Security Guards

Having a visible loss prevention security presence standing guard can be one of the most effective ways to keep criminals at bay. Our professional guards also know how to respond to any incidents that may occur.

Surveillance Systems

Our expertise with store security systems includes installing cameras that will keep a watchful eye on your merchandise at all times. We also provide monitoring services to look for anything suspicious.

Access Control

Keeping valuable items under lock and key is one of the best forms of retail store security. We provide you with systems for preventing unauthorized people from accessing storerooms and other restricted areas.

Training for Employees

Trained staff members in loss prevention and security can help you be more prepared interrnaly to deal with crime and understand procedures.


We offer investigation services for significant incidents of stolen items and come up with action plans to resolve the issue.

We offer investigation services for significant incidents of stolen items and come up with action plans to resolve the issue.

Where our services have the greatest impact:


Warehouses/Distribution Centers

Standalone Retail Stores

Manufacturer Storerooms

Why Choose Cancom Security?

There are many reasons why so many in the retail sector choose Cancom Security to protect their inventory.

All of our employees are fully trained and qualified to provide the highest levels of protection.

We serve our clients with honesty and transparency.

We deliver every service with a commitment to integrity and courtesy toward our clients.

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