Our Video Surveillance Operations HelpYou to Improve Your Business Operations

Gaining visibility and insight into your business can be a challenge. Whether you manage one location or 1,000, an effective video surveillance system serves as a crime deterrent as well as a key method to capture and document security events on your premises. With Cancom Security’s CCTV video security solutions, we can keep an eye on your facility so you can focus on what matters: running your business.


Video Surveillance Systems & Solutions

Local, by network & cloud-based storage options for the video footage

Interactive monitoring of the live-feed

IP, analog or hybrid video solutions

Verification of alarms with video

Real-time view of the cameras through a mobile app

Advanced surveillance video analytics capabilities

Live reporting of events

Compatibility to be integrated with other systems such as intrusion, access control, etc.

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Monitor and manage interactive video and alarm events under UL 827A and other security and life safety industry standards.


Interactive dashboard with a multi-view of live/recorded video events; remote activation and control of cameras, audio, and relay devices; and GPS monitoring with mapping.


System configurations and operation are completed in the cloud through embedded Al video analytics, Including object detection object filtration. human behavior and more…


Operate the event management platform from anywhere using any mobile device. Video zones can be partitioned and armed/disarmed individually by the end-user


Operator script & workflow managers embedded PBX and audio controls, video event cloud recording, automatic video reports
and storm management.


Automated verified video tours, remote guarding, advance video verification, virtual doorman, delayed loitering notification, PERS, fire, intrusion, and more


Whether you’re looking to get a new advanced video solution to automate any kind of troubleshooting or to simply convert existing security cameras, Cancom Security Monitoring Center can provide the following for your business:

The Advantages of a Video Surveillance System

Reduce Loss

Prevent business theft & vandalism from employees and customers who are aware of the presence of the cameras.

Enhance Safety

Create a safer environment for your staff, customers and visitors with video surveillance.

Gain Visibility

Gain visibility into what’s happening at your business, which provides you with better information and improved security.

Improve Operations

Leverage the video data and insights you gather from video surveillance to help increase operational efficiencies.

Receive Alerts

Set specific alerts to get notified if someone enters a specific zone and track their movements in real-time.

Document Events

Access video, images and long-term archives of your video footage for increased visibility into security events.