Cyber Security

Securing Your Business with Cyber Security Solutions.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, both public and private sector organisations face growing risks ranging from criminal activity to economic uncertainty and social unrest. At Cancom Security, we understand the critical need for comprehensive cyber security solutions to protect your business. Without proper protection, businesses can fail, valuable property can be stolen, and sensitive information can be exploited. Our dedicated consultants specialise in cyber security and are committed to working diligently and professionally to safeguard your IT infrastructure against both internal and external threats.

Why Choose Us

Experience Comprehensive Cyber Security Consulting

When you choose our Cyber Security Consulting services, you can expect a vendor-neutral approach tailored to the specific cyber threats facing your business. We provide in-depth analysis, expert opinions, and optimized solutions that prioritize your cyber security needs.

Partnering for Tangible Benefits and Compliance

With our expertise and knowledge, we forge strong partnerships with our clients, delivering tangible benefits within strict budgetary limits and meeting corporate and legislative requirements. By engaging our cyber security services, you gain enhanced capabilities to protect critical assets, deliver essential services, and effectively manage tightening constraints on expenditure.

Our comprehensive cyber security service offerings include:

Forward Intelligence Gathering Service
Monitor public channels on the internet, including social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, to proactively identify external cyber threats to your organization. Utilize specialized tools and keywords to promptly alert you to signs of trouble, whether it’s for one-time events or ongoing protection against persistent cyber threats.

Firewall Assessment and Configuration
Audit and optimize your network infrastructure’s last line of defense by analyzing firewall configurations to ensure they align with best practices. Receive a comprehensive report highlighting any misconfigurations, followed by implementation of recommended improvements, guaranteeing a secure firewall environment for your business.

Network and Host Vulnerability Assessment
Identify risks and vulnerabilities within your networked environment through comprehensive assessments of network devices and hosts. Evaluate known vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, insecure implementations, and running services. Receive expert analysis and recommendations on resolving identified issues through a detailed report, empowering you to mitigate cyber risks effectively.

Security Product Implementation
Implement robust security products that enforce your business’s IT policies. Benefit from our specialized training on individual products, coupled with a solid understanding of cyber security principles. Ensure your organization remains protected with effective implementation and staff training tailored to your unique requirements.

Network and Host Penetration Test
Assess the vulnerability of your environment by simulating a malicious hacker’s actions. Identify and address vulnerabilities that could lead to immediate compromises of your network. Receive a comprehensive report detailing all actions performed, along with recommendations and a listing of discovered vulnerabilities.

Unlock the Opportunities in Securing Your Business

Let us help you navigate the challenges and discover the opportunities that come with securing your business against cyber threats. Contact us today using the form below, and our dedicated team of cyber security experts will be delighted to assist you in safeguarding your business and achieving peace of mind.